Tuesday, January 19, 2010

READ the instructions, goofy Stacy!

Here is my first official product review. All products will be given CURLS instead of STARS (idea borrowed from curlymart.com) on a 1 to 5 curl scale with 5 curls being the best:

  1. Kinky Curly "Come Clean" shampoo 8 oz $12.00: 5 curls! Reason: All of their products are organic, cruelty free, and made in the USA. This shampoo really gets the hair super clean and I recommend using it no more than once per week. If you require more washings, use a conditioner to wash your hair in between uses. Yes, I said use a CONDITIONER to wash your hair if you desire to cleanse but not STRIP your curls in between washings with Come Clean. This still sounds like a weird concept to me but my hair is LOVING it! (Product is clear and smells grapefruity - feel free to steal that word).
  2. Kinky Curly "Knot Today" leave-in conditioner/detangler 8 oz $12.00: 5 curls! This detangled my hair so well that I was honestly shocked. First, can I testify and admit that I did not know that SHORT hair could get tangled!!! "What the heck is THIS madness" is all I kept thinking. LOL! This is a wonderful detangler - the comb will literally GLIDE through your hair. (product is white and smells like pina colada)
  3. Kinky Curly "Curling Custard" styling gel 16oz $30.00: 6 curls! "But Stacy, I thought you said that a product could only get FIVE curls!?" This product is so amazing that I not only gave it 5 curls but I gave it some EXTRA CREDIT too! LOL! Honestly, I could not rave about it until my third try. The first two times I had towel dried my hair and then applied the product. I didn't love it at first because, well, frankly my hair looked the same. In my frustration I had a thought: "READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, GOOFY STACY!" Eureka! The container states plainly, "Apply to WET HAIR. USING A TOWEL WILL CAUSE FRIZZ." Reading is SO fundamental. It defines my curls and is not greasy AT ALL. It dries clean and does not flake. Noteworthy: depending on your hair thickness it can take a few hours to dry. (product is opaque white and smells like pina colada) *please check youtube for application videos.
  4. Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding: 3.5 curls! I was shocked at how TINY the 2 oz. jar is. $7 for 2 oz. is kinda crazy. LOL! Made in the USA. Intended to give shiny, stretched out curls. I put this product on my wet hair and did itty bitty spiral curls all over my head. Honestly, it was time-consuming and I hated how long and laborious the task was. Ugh! I don't mind hard work but this was more than a notion! My curls were pretty and defined but this is a job that will FOREVERMORE be outsourced to my stylist. :0) Big drawback: When dry, this stuff FLAKES in your hair like fine dandruff (product is purple and heavily scented with some sort of miscellaneous fruit - I like the smell but may be too much for some)
I hope you can clearly see my hair in the before and after pictures. Before is on the left and after is on the right. The only products I used in the after picture are the Kinky Curly products reviewed in this post. I think it's hilarious that my ears are hidden by my fro in the first photo!

Quote of the day comes from my teenager: "The before picture looks like a close-up of a microphone."

Flow with it,

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  1. Not a microphone?!? LOL! Madness. Miss Jessies' products have too many bad ingredients in them...I have waved goodbuy to the Curly Buttercreme and the Baby Buttercreme forever. Curly Pudding did nothing for me back in the day. I ended up giving the jar away.

  2. Thanks for the comments. I'm still looking for something I can put in my hair for a wash and go style

  3. By the way: I found a great video on youtube for "reactivating" the curling custard after a few days. Just go to youtube.com and do a search for "Kinky Curly Curling Custard reactivated". I'm going to go try it now.