Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 1 TWA (teeny weeny afro)

Soooo, Kenya cut my shoulder-length hair off late last night. Frankly, I was tired of the transition and wanted to be rid of all chemically processed hair - once and for all. I did let it grow for approx. three months - so I have about 2 inches of length.

It was scary and exhilarating all at once! I looked in the mirror and did not love what I saw - but I'm still happy with my decision. Weird, huh? I think that I look like a cute boy (low on "cute" and high on "boy"). LOL! Willis' response was "I hope it grows back." Awww. Isn't he just SO optimistic and cheerful??? That's my boo. He's honest and I love him for it. I'm just grateful that my non-violent husband didn't wake up in the middle of the night and start punching me in the head because he thought a man had climbed into bed with him! My baby boy keeps stopping in his tracks and stating "I'm so not used to seeing your hair so short!" Bless his heart: he's only ever seen Mommy with shoulder-length or longer hair.

My teenager's response was "Oh. It's not as bad as I thought it would be." Yes, son, my thought exactly. :0)

Hair product used today: Carol's Daughter Kizzi "Stay-Put" Hair Pomade. Staying away from ALL products that contain mineral oil or petroleum

Flow with it,

Natural Ramblings

P.S. I'm about to go workout and looking forward to not being concerned with tying my hair up!


  1. The comment button works just fine. :0) No worries.

  2. I use coconut oil on my hair.

  3. Thanks for the tip, 2muchtv! I appreciate it. It just so happens that I have coconut oil here at home. I'll keep you posted!