Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Okay people...I ordered PRODUCTS. I have spent the past year investigating which hair care products are all the rave for naturally curly/kinky hair. Here is the general progression that most women go through: they begin with Carol's Daughter products, then they transition to Miss Jessie's, and eventually end up using Kinky Curly. And THEN they may go back to Miss Jessie's because Kinky Curly products can be difficult to find due to high demand.

Me? After scouring the net for a website or physical store where I could purchase two or more Kinky Curly products in one place, I found http://www.curlmart.com/ . After talking to people who have transitioned from relaxed to natural hair, I was convinced that I needed at least two important Kinky Curly products: "Knot today" leave-in conditioner and "Curling Custard" styling gel. I also opted to purchase Kinky Curly's shampoo. And last of all: Miss Jessie's curly pudding to help elongate and define my curls after a double-twist heat set. In case you lost track, that's four products. I spent $62 and received free shipping through a promotion of "free shipping if you spend $60 or more".

Whew! All of these organic/mineral oil free/paraben free/protein free/free free free stuff sure did cost me a lot of money! LOL! That's more than a notion! Especially when I consider the one beautiful sista with a gorgeous fro who told me "Honestly, I just use plain old OLIVE OIL in my pantry now." W-o-w.

According to UPS tracking, my box will be here on Thursday. I'll be sure to post before and after pictures.

Oh yeah...at http://www.naturallycurly.com/ I learned that my hair type is 4a. Go see what your's is and let me know.

Flow with it,

Natural Ramblings aka Stacy aka Rockstar


  1. You can get the kinky curly products from http://www.kinky-curly.com/

  2. Thanks Shanna! My only concern with ordering from their site is that I read a couple of reviews complaining about waiting on their orders for weeks and not having an easy way to contact Kinky Curly for inquiry. I actually contacted curlymart.com before I ordered and they have proven to be easy access, prompt, professional. But I think I will try kinky-curyl.com for myself in the future and report back. :0)

  3. Healthy Home Market carries some Kinky Curly products here in Charlotte. I don't know if they carry the whole line, as I've never tried them. There is one on South Blvd, one on Independence Blvd, and then one in Davidson (up 77 N at exit 30). Just an FYI for future reference if you like the products and want refills. If you're near one of the store, stop in there and see exactly what they carry.

    Also, you may want to go to Meetup.com and join the Charlotte Natural Hair Meet Up group - I'm a member. :)

  4. Marilie beat me to the punch, I was going to invite you to the Natural Hair Meetup up group as well. I'm dying to know how those products work for you. I didn't have a good experience with Carol's Daughter, so I've been hesitant (okay, lazy), to go through all of the trouble of purchasing Miss Jessie's and Kinky Curly online, so I'm going to keep up with you and hopefully it will motivate me. Because I'm kind of tired of fussing with my own 'do right now.

  5. Thank you both for the meetup invite! I just joined and am awaiting confirmation. Woohoooo!